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FAQ About West Seneca Travel Soccer

Costs and Registration Fees

The Registration Fee for the 2019 Season will remain $215, a slight increase from the 2017 and 2018 seasons.  For the 2019 Season, players will again be purchasing their own jerseys directly.  West Seneca Travel Soccer teams will be wearing Nike jerseys.  There is a two-year cycle for our jerseys, so what is purchased for the 2019 jersey will be used for the 2020 season.  Players will not need to purchase a new jersey for the 2020 season, unless they decide on their own that they need a new size or a fresher/cleaner kit!

Nike Jerseys - two-year cycle

West Seneca Travel Teams began wearing Nike jerseys beginning in 2017.  We will have an arrangement with Nike and to guarantee a two-year cycle for our jerseys, meaning that you will not be required to purchase a new jersey every season (as long as last year's still fits!)

Jerseys must be purchased by each player directly at the West Seneca Travel Soccer Online Store.

Required kit includes a Sky Blue Nike jersey, Nike shorts and Nike socks.  (Women's cut will be available for our girls teams).

Optional kit:  Some coaches will require players to purchase a Training T-shirt.  Most teams prefer all players to have a common warm-up and backpack.  All such items are available at the Online Store.

Once a player has made a Travel Roster, you must complete the on-line registration.  Go to the Home page and click the link under "Team Formation for 2019 Season."

All players must be registered and paid for the 2019 season before they can practice or train with their team.

It is the Club's Policy that Registration fees are not refundable for any reason.

Age Groups

West Seneca Travel Soccer intends to keep teams age-appropriate at the U8, U9, U10 and U11 age levels beginning with the 2017 season.  Teams that existed prior to 2017, and Players that were rostered on those teams, will have the option of staying together and playing in the age group appropriate for that team's oldest players.

A player's age group is determined by their Birth Year.

This is consistent with the Club's Player Development philosophy, and the process for "playing up," which is discussed below.

Age-appropriate team formation is the result of changes to the age matrix by U.S. Youth Soccer.

Age-appropriate Teams and "Playing Up"

West Seneca Travel Soccer follows a Player Development philosophy that aims to form age-appropriate teams with all Players born in the same birth year.  [This does not apply to situations when we form mixed-age teams.]  However, we recognize that there are situations where a Player can or should "play up" with an older age group.  In order for a Player to "play up," it must be for the right reason and it needs to be the best option for that Player's own development.  There is no black-and-white criteria, but moving a Player up an age group must be good for the Player, and must be the right choice for the two affected teams (his/her own age-appropriate team, and the older team that the Player wants to join).  There should be an impartial determination that playing "age-appropriate" is not the best option because that Player is dominating his/her own age group, is not being challenged by Players/teams from his/her own age group, is physically superior to other players in his/own age group, and will still be one of the top players on the older age group's team.  As a rule of thumb, the player should be a "top of the roster" player on the older team in order to qualify for playing up.  Some examples of the wrong reasons to move a player up to an older team include: disliking the Player's age-appropriate Coach, or a Parent's opinion that the child is too good for his/her own age group.

West Seneca Travel Soccer will use Club Passes to allow Players to be dual-rostered with older teams so that they can get experience and game action with older age groups, while still being a Primary Player with their age-appropriate team.

Players that want to "play up" must be evaluated by the West Seneca Travel Soccer program, and should request an evaluation before being placed/rostered on an older team.

League Play

West Seneca Travel teams play in the BWNYJSL league.  [Click here for details about BWNYJSL].

BWNYJSL is made up of local soccer clubs in Erie County (and a few in Niagara County).  The "travel" involved generally means going to Orchard Park, Elma, Amherst, Clarence, etc.  There is very limited travel involved in league games.

Minimum Age for Travel Players

7-year olds are not able to participate on a Travel Team in the BWNYJSL league.  There is no leeway or discretion available to West Seneca Travel Soccer on this rule.  This is pursuant to a rule enforced by the league (see BWNYJSL Policy 3(c)).

Scholarships and Hardship Waivers

Scholarships and/or waiver of a portion of the Registration Fee will be considered for West Seneca Travel Players.  Please call or email the Director of Travel Soccer, Mark Molloy, to request a waiver or to nominate a player for a scholarship.