West Seneca Travel Watch List Program

During the 2013 season, the West Seneca Travel Soccer Club introduced the first “Watch List” program to identify the best players in the House program and provide them with opportunities for additional/special training to help them move to the next level in their soccer development. Many players from the 2013 “Watch List” class successfully tried out for and were rostered on Travel teams, and several players have moved up to play for Premier Teams throughout WNY. Because the Program has been an unqualified success, it will return during the 2016 season.

Parents who want their children to take advantage of this Program can contact the Travel Coordinator, Mark Molloy.

A description of the Program is set forth below.

The main features of this program are to:

  • Identify the best players in the House league that should be encouraged to consider moving on to more advanced Travel teams in the future;
  • Provide additional training sessions for these players in a setting where the best players can train together;
  • Use the entire summer season to give these players the opportunity to practice with Travel coaches; and
  • When possible, enter these Players into a Travel Tournament to give them the chance to compete together at a higher level.

This program is also designed to give the House League coaches the opportunity to assist during these Training sessions and develop their own coaching skills as well, including:

  • picking up new drills to use during their own team practices,
  • creating a symbiotic relationship between the Travel teams and the House teams, and
  • learning how to develop a Practice Plan designed to teach the appropriate tactical skills relevant to their age groups.

The “Watch List” Program will be run under the guidance of a West Seneca Travel Coach, with the assistance of House League coaches that would like to participate. Our Travel coaches, we believe, are experienced and qualified to provide advanced training for these “Watch List” players. As an example, West Seneca’s Travel Coaches are required to have at least an E License issued by the US Soccer Federation (which requires completion of an 18-hour training course).

During the 2016 season, there will be a “Watch List” for the U8 and U10 age groups.

There will be separate “Watch Lists” for the boys and girls, and training sessions will only be with players of the same gender. Girls will only train with girls, and boys will train with boys.

The coaches for the 2016 “Watch List” Teams will be selected and announced during the 2016 Spring season.

The House League coaches will identify the players that would benefit from advanced training and that are soon to be ready to advance to a higher level in their soccer development. This Program depends on open dialogue between the House League coaches and the Travel Coaches.

Players can be added to the “Watch List” at any time throughout the season, as some players compete in games better than they perform during practice sessions.

Teams are not limited to only adding 2 players to the “Watch List” because it is expected that many teams will have several players that might fit this criteria. We do expect that the House Coaches will show discretion and only add the players that truly are ready to advance to the next level.

We plan to begin holding age- and gender- appropriate training sessions by the middle of June, and these training sessions will last throughout the season. These training sessions will be in addition to the player’s own team practices and games, and should not take the place of practices with their House teams. These players will always remain players on their House teams. The “Watch List” Program is only intended to provide “extra” training opportunities.

House League coaches are encouraged to discuss this “Watch List” Program with the parents of their players to introduce them to this new Program.

Mark Molloy, the Travel Director for West Seneca Soccer, will be the primary contact for the Watch List program and is available to provide any additional details or answer questions.

We look forward to working with all Watch List players and parents to make West Seneca Soccer the best soccer organization in Western New York.